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Training with Lisa has been great! Lisa is friendly, patient yet she challenges me enough to make the training effective. I feel stronger than ever and now I am more confident in my body. The studio is at a brilliant location! Super convenient for commuters! It is nice and bright and always with a pleasant scent of essence oil to make us feel refreshed and energised! I particularly love the kit wash service that they provide. I thought it is very thoughtful as I can just leave my kit there after training and it will be washed and ready for my next session. I highly recommend Fitability to anyone who’s looking for personal training!

Juan Alonso-Villalobos, Beckton (Google Nov 2018) Rating: * * * * *



I decided to try Fitability’s Boot Camp as a friend of mine highly recommended it and I couldn’t be more pleased. Mat, who runs the Boot Camp, has a great energy, creating such a motivating and at the same time fun environment in his class. The classes are very well organised with a series of exercises that Mat sets up in advance and they are suitable for every level allowing you to build up your resistance at your own pace. I particularly appreciate the fact Mat pays special attention to every individual in his class helping them to improve and reach targets quicker.  The class is run at the King Edward Memorial Park which is just by the river and very convenient if you live around Wapping or Limehouse. And such a beautiful place to exercise outdoors. If you are looking for an effective way of exercising in a friendly environment where you feel looked after you have to try Mat’s Boot Camp.

Vera M, Wapping (Google May 2016) Rating: * * * * *



I’ve been training with Matt & Lisa on my regular business trips to London for a few months now and have to say I’ve had several PTs in different locations around the globe, but they really are the most impressive! Unlike so many other PT websites with dodgy photo-shopped before/after photos and ridiculous marketing claims, Fitability are straight-talking, totally honest and extremely professional. I have never stuck for more than 3 months with personal training before but the way they train people is really efficient, fun, effective and varied. Their knowledge exceeds any others I have come across and they have helped me so much with my lifestyle habits and nutrition and I have got great results! They also have 5 different cardio machines alongside the heavy weights stuff which has really helped burn my body fat away and get my resting heart rate from 82 to 65! Thanks guys for all the patience, care and attention you have shown me.

Damian, Mallorca (Google Mar 2016) Rating: * * * * *



I cannot recommend Lisa and Fitability enough. I have been to regular sessions for a few months now and there is a real marked improvement in my fitness level. Lisa is highly professional, and can guide you through a session in a calm and measured way, while keeping it fun and light – never losing sight of the end goal. She is very knowledgeable and she has shared some great tips on nutrition and ways to improve general every day fitness at work or in my spare time. There is some great equipment in the studio and sessions are varied so it keeps it interesting and fresh. I plan on a lot more sessions with Fitability and for the first time, I feel motivated to push myself further than I ever have. With Lisa’s help, of course!

Rosanna S, London E14 (Google Feb 2016) Rating: * * * * *



Matt I have been training with Matt as my PT for the best part of a year now. After some time off training (years off legs!) I decided to put some structure around my fitness/strength attempts and have been training with Matt twice a week for c.10 months. The changes I’ve noticed have been fantastic; general stamina has improved hugely which has made a huge impact on my cycling, core strength is improving week on week and I’m actually starting to get some proper muscles in the legs in proportion to the rest of my body!  Constantly positive and energetic and quick to mix things up to keep things interesting, Matt is a great trainer and coach…even if I may tell him otherwise during circuits with squat jumps

Alex Ridgwell, London (Google Feb 2016) Rating: * * * * *



When I first saw Lisa, I just liked her figure. I told myself that she was going to be my Personal Trainer.
After I worked out with her, I have lost so much birth fat as well as gotten stronger. As a mother, it was really important to stay healthy and strong to look after and play with baby. The work out she designed for me was not extremely hard but effective for burning fat. She is so knowledgable and has a sense of humour. Staying in her session is a really fun and enjoyable experience.

CiciSun, Docklands (Google 23 Sep 2015) Rating: * * * * *



I have had a personal trainer now with Fitability for the last year. I have had a long term lower back ingury and so excersise can be an issue. The training was totally tailored to my needs and for the first time ever I have not felt the ill effects of excersice. I was often pushed beyond my limits with an excellent mix of of strength and stamina training. I feel a millin times better than when I started and would certainly recommend.
Overall it was great value for money and the facilities have improved dramatically too.

199Fraser, (Review Centre 11 Sep 2015) Rating: * * * * *



A year ago I decided I couldn’t ignore the effects of my sedentary job any longer. Since then, regular training with the person I dealt with – who’s a great PT – has helped me feel better, boosted my energy, and fit into some favourite trousers I’d given up on! Varied routines, loads of encouragement and entertaining conversation make an hour of intense exercise fly by, and have turned the gym into something I enjoy rather than avoid. Genuinely life-changing

Jenny at the Gym, (ReviewCentre 10 Sep 2015) Rating: * * * * *



I’ve been a Fitability client for almost 3 years now and can’t remember life before it! Matt is a very professional and dedicated PT. His ‘can do’ attitude continues to help keep me on track. He’s also great at tailoring my sessions if I’ve done other exercise that week. Plus he’s got a sense of humour – what more could you ask for?!

Corinne Thomas, Islington (Google 27 Aug 2015) Rating: * * * * *



I’ve been training with Matt for about 2 years. I’d recommend him to anyone thinking of getting a personal trainer. He’s always positive and doesn’t let you say “I can’t do that” He has made me understand when it is best to push with heavy weights and when to swap to lighter weights. My form has greatly improved, so much so I can feel when I need to correct myself before Matt tells me, this learning I have used outside the Gym in everyday activities, posture and balance etc.  Matt comes up with new ways of using the weights/exercises to keep his clients interested, the most simplest looking exercise can end up being the hardest.

Matt is not the first PT I have trained with, so I do have others to compare him against. I keep going back for more as he keeps me motivated on my hardest days. I’ve even started running a little (I hate running) but he has managed to encourage me to do this as well…..oh and lets not forget the one pull I managed with Matt’s help …..1 will increase to 5 eventually 🙂

Kay Pizzala, Enfield (Google 24 Aug 2015) Rating: * * * * *



I can’t imagine finding more inspiring and professional trainers than Matt and Lisa at Fitability. I have been training with Matt for 9 months now and I come out of every session knowing that I’ve been pushed to achieve my best and feeling excited for the next session. Week on week I feel stronger and I can see the results when looking in the mirror. Fitability have everything that you need to get you into shape and feeling energised. I can’t recommend Fitability highly enough!

SNG, London W6 (Google 23 Aug 2015) Rating: * * * * *



I’ve had a personal trainer in Fitability for over 2 years now.  I’ve got to say that I’m a lazy person who doesn’t love sports, so I think I’m a bit of a challenge to manage when it comes to doing any exercise… but even with me being a pain and complaining all the time, my personal trainer manages to motivate me and keep me fit.  He adjusts every class to how I’m feeling every day, keeps an eye on me all the time and does a great job at keeping me on the move during the session.  Highly recommendable.

Isabel Sears, London EC1 (Review Centre 17 Aug 2015) Rating: * * * * *



I have been attending regular personal sessions with Lisa at Fitability for over a year now.I have never been a great fans of gyms and classes and because life can be so busy, it’s been hard to get a routine going, but with Lisa and Fitability I have kept going regularly every week and don’t miss a session….That is how amazing she is!This was the best thing I have done to help me improve my general fitness, loose some weight and generally lift my mood….I come out of every season ready to take on anything the day throws at me!Cannot recommend Lisa’s approach to training highly enough, everything is bespoke to the individual clients requirements and all with a cheerful smile!

Babs McSloy, Limehouse (Google 15 Aug 2015) Rating: * * * * *



Another great session this morning! I\’m in the best shape i’ve been in for years and feeling energized. Private fitness sessions in their fully equipped studio are a great way to add some variety to your training, prepare for a specific event or hone those muscles for your chosen sport. Give them a try, you won\’t regret it!

Matt Evans, Limehouse (Google – 27 Jul 2015) Rating: * * * * *



Have totally changed my eating habits and got into a training regime that has changed my life for the better! Would highly recommend.

David R, Greenwich (15 Jan 2015) Rating: * * * * *



I was suffering with depression and my weight had ballooned but after meeting Lisa I felt so comfortable training with her – 2 years later and I have lost 5 stone and look and feel the best I ever have! Thank you so much Fitability!

Carol T, Limehouse (November 2014) Rating: * * * * *



These guys have a great little set-up with lots of equip for a heavy-duty early morning workout! Really easy for me to get to before work in the Wharf.

Nick P, Wapping (2 March 2014) Rating: * * * * *



I can get my Marathon training miles in while my partner gets her beauty treatments done here, then we can go to a class such as Pilates and have the chance to get Personal Training too. Fitability really is the one-stop shop without expensive memberships.

Dominic Matteo, Eltham (Google – 28 Jan 2013) Rating: * * * * *



I’ve been going to Fitability for over a year and have lost a huge amount of weight and feel better than I have done for over a decade. Before going to Fitability I was very overweight, took no exercise and was suffering from health problems including severe insulin resistance. Now with the help of Lisa at Fitability I have a new lease of life and my insulin levels are under control. Lisa is very motivating and also shows the required sensitivity to deal with a person who is very overweight (and conscious of it) and suffering other health problems, including diabetic related issues. My programme has been completely tailored for me and is flexible enough to deal with times when my illnesses require a different approach. Thank you so much to Lisa and Fitablity! 

FizWiz, Docklands (FreeIndex – 25 Feb 2012) Rating: * * * * *



I’ve been going to Fitability for several months now and the changes to my health, shape, weight, fitness have been incredible. I\’ve lost almost 20kilos weight, 7ins off my waist, down 4 dress sizes, and I feel better than I have for many years.  Apart from exercise, nutrition has played a key part, and at Fitability this aspect is taken very seriously with sensible dietary (NOT DIET) planning that is an eating plan for life, not simply for a period of time in order to lose weight!  The trainers there are encouraging, considerate and all the clients are treated with respect AND as individuals, rather than \’one size fits all’. A full health check makes certain that the excercise plan is exactly right for you.  So, if you want to change your life, I would highly recommend Fitability to everyone.

Cat46 (Review Centre 18 August 2011) Rating: * * * * *



I really want to shout about this place as there is not other like it and I am soo loving training there. They have helped me enormously with my weight/fat loss and I am looking and feeling so much trimmer and happier now. Do check them out because if like me you dont like big gyms, this is perfect!

Jackie Dowling, Eltham (FreeIndex – 29 June 2011) Rating: * * * * *



Well chuffed! Great results, great service and a real eye-opener on fitness and the REAL way to get in shape. Fitability have really kicked my butt into the shape ever – really pleased with the results so far and not in the least bit bored of training and with the attention span of a flea……. miraculous! Nice and private, really attentive to my goals and needs and I feel I’ve covered more here in the last 4 months than I did in 2 years at the gym on my own! Bring on the sunshine so I can flex my muscles!

GunsOnTheRun (Review Centre 29 June 2011) Rating: * * * * *



…with my Trainer without feeling embarrassed. Having never exercised before, I was morbidly obese when I started training 3 x per week and Lisa has been so inspiring and motivational that she has managed to get me down from 22 stone to 16.5 stone over the last 6 months, using the correct exercise and careful guidance alongside nutritional coaching, AND the price of this exclusivity is cheaper than PT at the big gyms! I am now far more confident and have learned so much about fitness and all thanks to FITABILITY! Thank you so much!!

(Review Centre – 16 Nov 2010) Rating: * * * * *