“Failed with the Rest?”

Come and Taste Success with the Best!


FITABILITY are fully qualified Sport Nutritionists and give you a personal nutritional plan that works for you!  Using vital information such as your body composition, current activity levels, lifestyle, allergies, likes and dislikes, etc,  we will provide you with a food plan with easy but tasty recipes and even the shopping list! This ensures you consume exactly the right amount of calories per day as well as the correct levels of carbohydrate / fat / protein to complement your training goals.

FITABILITY emphasises that exercise is only 50% of the way to a fitter and healthier body as what we eat is equally important, and one without the other quite simply will NOT get the desired results. This does not necessarily mean going without the things you like, it’s about understanding correct food choices with the occasional treat along the way! Eating correctly does not require blood tests and all the other ridiculous stuff you see out there – these are all aimed at blinding you with science and making money from you!  It is all about simplicity and NOT complexity and just requires methodology, simplicity and moderation – don’t buy into the BS in search of a quick-fix because it simply DOES NOT WORK!

FITABILITY offer this nutritional package for those who are really serious about performing to their best potential, or those who have tried everything else to lose weight and get in shape and need a no-nonsense, easy-to-follow plan calculated for their individual body’s calorific needs.  All you have to do is shop and cook!  Please ask for further details.