Personal Training

“Where Training Gets Personal!”

Sessions From 5am-9pm So No More Excuses!


FITABILITY has every answer to your fitness needs. Why PT you may ask? PT is essential to make sure you use the appropriate exercises with the correct technique to achieve your goals efficiently and avoid injury. It also provides you with a huge variety of training ideas and gets you working outside of your “comfort zone”, which is something that most people simply do not do on their own.  Why FITABILITY? Because we use a comprehensive mix of training techniques to ensure your physical needs are constantly challenged and progressed. With our specialist fully-qualified Level 4 REPS and “BWLA” (British Weight-Lifting Association) certified Trainers, when you train with us you will not only work up to 80% harder than you would on your own but will also benefit from our years of experience and expertise which will give you fantastic results!

FITABILITY has a great range of equipment including Concept 2 Rower, Concept 2 SkiErg, Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer and Recumbent Bike for cardio training.  Extensive range of Olympic Bars and Plates, Dual Cable Machine, Leg Curl/Leg Extension machine, full range of Dumbbells as well as Pull-Up Bands, TRX and med balls to get you in shape.  We also have a pro boxing bag and gloves that don’t stink!  With us you will get a good, honest and well-rounded workout which targets your specific goals!

FITABILITY Level 4 Elite Personal Trainers also hold specialist GP Exercise Referral and Lower Back Pain Management qualifications which enable them to train clients with specific medical conditions ranging from heart attack and stroke rehabilitation, hip replacement, osteoporosis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, diabetes, asthma, obesity, depression and of course lower back pain.

FITABILITY requires you to fill out a medical questionnaire which MUST be completed by ALL clients prior to commencing ANY sessions with us. This makes us aware of any underlying medical conditions so we can proceed safely and effectively. We will then carry out a full consult with you to ascertain your goals and determine how you would like to change your body for the better. We will also carry out comprehensive testing consisting of  blood pressure, lung function, fat percentage, weight, height, BMI, heart rate and measurements of key areas, as well as conducting some standard exercises to see where your current fitness levels are at.  This takes 1 hour and will be classed as your first session and charged accordingly. The test results are a great way of monitoring your progress, helping to motivate and encourage you to your next level.

FITABILITY can get you ready for a specific sporting event, special occasion or simply healthier, fitter and looking your best – and all in complete privacy – why should you pay a full PT rate and have to share your space with others? Our Fitability studio is exclusively yours during your PT session so you can sweat and make as much noise as you want without feeling self-conscious. We will NEVER try to sell you supplements unlike a lot of Charlatans operating in the fitness & weight-loss industry. You DO NOT need this extra expense if you are training hard and eating correctly – these are just cunning ways to improve the PT’s bank balance and the truth is that most of these supplements simply do not live up to their claims! So you could be completely wasting your money on a sub-standard trainer AND not know what you are really putting into your body! At Fitability we believe in providing our clients with an honest, no BS approach to health & fitness. We will NEVER barrage you with annoying marketing emails or make false claims – we value our integrity and totally respect our clients’ privacy and busy lives.

FITABILITY offer 30 and 45 minute intense sessions for those who are pressed for time, or you can train in pairs if you are on a tight budget or simply want to train with a friend / colleague / partner – we want everyone to be able to take advantage of our excellent service. You don’t have to be a “Celebrity” to get a fantastic body and you certainly won’t have to pay celebrity prices with us!